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This is a unique informational real estate website. AZRR is your premier land site for quality properties such as ranch land for sale sites, farm land parcels, acreage, land / lot parcels, and commercial land for sale sites. All properties displayed for sale are independently owned by private individuals and / or partnerships (LLC). What makes us stand out is that we have private owners and partners that participate in pride of ownership properties with "over the top" settings and locations. It is unique in that it is directed to specific properties in multiple areas, all of which have distinctive and valuable features when compared to other similar properties. Typically they are the best of their kind in the general area where they are located.

Furthermore, we have informative insights to land ownership and trends in Arizona land sales and ownerships.

Broker participation, builder and developer inquires are welcome.

We will inform you of the valuable features that these properties have over the other similar properties that may be for sale. If you were able to view all the property that is available to buy, these amenities, settings and features are probably the best you will find in that general area. As you may know, location, location, location, is typical in buying desirable properties. This method applies to land, ranch and outdoor recreational properties as well but in a unique manner. If you are fortunate enough to have the time and investment capabilities to own a great piece of land or ranch property, then why not use similar principles to locate the best available land parcel of its type in an area that you like? Here are some very important guidelines to evaluate land or property you may be looking at to buy. What makes these land parcels and ranch properties so desirable over similar land parcels in a given area? You need to be aware of the following rules that create value in a ranch or land property.

Foremost, the setting must have an attractive visual appeal to the location. Panoramic views of a valley, mountains or hills in the background, streams, rivers or ponds, mature trees and/or natural rich vegetation, attractive rock formations and minerals.
Physical and legal access is a necessity. You need to be able to drive to the property to enjoy it and you must have legal access, through your title insurance report, to be able to borrow from a bank or lending institution, specifically if improvements are to be made.
Electricity is desirable to the property and a utility company services need to be close by. Sewer is typically not available for acreage over 1 acre+ due to prohibitive costs, however, septic is standard for the larger land parcels and is much less expensive than sewer hookup or impact fees from a municipality. Water has the same scenario as sewer, typically you have private wells drilled. Make sure the water table is usable in the area. There are a few simple methods and cost effective ways to determine viability.

Valuable assets to a property can be zoning type, water rights or mineral rights but typically not always available.
Mature trees and lush vegetation are a great asset as well as farm land or pasture land. Irrigation or larger wells are important to the usefulness of a property.
Other more obvious values are the improvements such as a cabin, ranch house, barns, utility rooms, workshops, fencing, corrals, and interior perimeter roads, mature landscaping, water wells, irrigation and water delivery systems and etc...
One thing I must point out is that you need to see the property first hand, I have over the years found that driving and walking the properties are most beneficial to evaluating what is available and do not short change yourself on passing up what is available for viewing, whether it is our land or someone else’s because you may miss the one your really wanted to buy.! Pictures sometimes do not depict what is really there when you actually see it in person. Many good properties have been passed up because they did not have time to view in person. I personally over the years have picked up the best personality land parcels that did not seem like the right location or the poor picture quality did not do it justice but I went to see anyway, and was rewarded greatly for my efforts.

ARIZONA LAND FOR SALE on the Big Sandy River with 800+ acre ft. of priority water rights. AZ LAND FOR SALE prices start at $3,500/$14,900 an acre for 10 to 1700 acre ranches.

The Big Sandy Ranch property, in the spectacular scenic Sonoran Big Sandy River valley basin, is being offered as Arizona ranch land for sale just minutes from the highway on historic Signal Road just south of Wikieup, Mohave county Arizona. This Desert terrain and river valley has a diverse Sonoran Desert topography, ranging from dramatic mountainous views, sloping mesa, graceful hills, flowing meadows, dramatic valleys, lush desert vegetation, and beautiful treed areas. Most of the land is located right on the historic Big Sandy River which runs most of the year and has 800 + acre feet of Arizona water rights recorded in the early 1900’s. Spectacular Sonoran Desert valley vistas are a one of a kind, fabulous setting for an exclusive Arizona dude ranch land property or resort, an old west cattle ranch, or a riverfront Arizona farm land operation right in the heart of northwest central Arizona. The river has an abundance of ground and diversionary water for most cattle ranch land or farm land operations. Some of the most dramatic scenic horse acreage property available in Arizona is situated in this river valley. There are limited opportunities for purchasing river front land for sale in Arizona or river front ranch properties. This ranch land is surrounded by Bureau of Land Management acreage on all sides. This Arizona desert resort land is located just south of the town of Wikieup within 1.5 hours from Phoenix Arizona metro northern city limits in Arizona only 8 minutes from the CANA/MEX trade route, US Highway 93 on Signal Road. This Land is near Kingman Arizona, the Big Sandy Ranch land, with 640 to 1,700 acres, is situated less than 1 hour south of Kingman, Arizona, and about 55 minutes north of Wickenburg.

Users and usage- owners want ranch property or farm land to get away from a hurried lifestyle, build a second ranch house or home retreat, or use as a recreational hide away. Some may want a family heritage they can pass down to their children, to enjoy their retirement in a peaceful, spacious setting, for investment, or for the pure pleasure of owning a piece of the disappearing Old West lifestyle. The Big Sandy property site on the river basin is an ideal location for an upscale horse dude ranch or cattle ranch. In the surrounding area there is a rock hound’s paradise with quartz formations and a multitude of famous old, historic mine locations scattered about the hills. Rock hunting, gold mining and mineral deposits are a large part of this desert frontier. Some of the larger land parcels could have a fly-in property for a ranch airstrip or farm airstrip.

Prices start at $7,900 per acre for a minimum 40 acre ranch... Arizona land with power and water with electricity from the local utility co-op is available on most locations of the property and multiple wells with surface water rights and river water irrigation capabilities.

AZ LAND IN MOHAVE COUNTY FOR SALE is available at Signal Ranch. Hillside and panoramic hilltop views of the Big Sandy River Valley, this land in Arizona may be one of the most scenic view sites for Arizona ranch real estate opportunities in the west/northwest part of the state of Arizona. This Arizona acreage for sale is from 40-640 acre ranches located on Highland Road just minutes off Signal Road just 55 minutes north of Wickenburg Arizona. The Mohave county land for sale is priced from $3500 an acre with minimum of 40 acres and up.

We currently have RV PARK LAND FOR SALE IN ARIZONA AND IN THE TOWN OF WIKIEUP AZ. The highlights of this spectacular Sonoran Desert location are high mountain river valley views surrounded by federal land on all sides which makes this a rare find to offer as an RV park resort land for sale in Arizona. Fountain Vista Properties is near completion of the final plat/entitlements of the Ascalona Travel Resort Center and is offering this RV resort land for sale in Arizona. There are 40 acres in the first 2 phases and up to 260 additional acres can be purchased. Located just a few minutes north of Wikieup, Arizona and on the US Highway 93 access road, 55 minutes south of Kingman, Arizona and 90 minutes from north Phoenix Arizona city limits.

WIKIEUP LAND FOR SALE IN ARIZONA at Tompkins canyon is now available from 5 to 260 acre parcels just off US Highway 93 starting at $59,000 for 5 acres. Surrounded by BLM land on all sides, these Sonoran Desert land parcels have some of the most dramatic high mountain valley views available anywhere to be found in Mohave County Arizona. This may be the most scenic horse ranch site settings and riding trail locations in Arizona that can be found for sale and located just 1.5 hours north of Phoenix Arizona on the CANA/MEX trade route, US Highway 93, and 2.75 hours from Las Vegas, Nevada.

PRESCOTT LAND FOR SALE IN PONDEROSA PINE TREES just minutes from downtown Whiskey Row. Breathtaking panoramic high mountain ponderosa pine tree forest parcel views only 7 miles from Whiskey Row in downtown Prescott, Arizona. Spectacular, one of a kind, pine tree acreage views at 6,700 ft and only minutes away from Prescott amenities. These exclusive, Arizona land 6,000 feet elevation and above parcels have 5 sites available from 2 to 14 acres. Prices starting at $199,900 per 2 acres minimum.

PRESCOTT VALLEY LAND FOR SALE or DEWEY-HUMBODLT LAND FOR SALE is a northern Arizona ranch for sale. Located just minutes from Arizona State Route 69. Breathtaking 65 acres of Prescott Valley hillside view ranch property located against a Bureau of Land Management mountain range. This is a prime setting for an exclusive horse property, cattle ranch or mini organic farm with up to 5 ranches available of differing sizes. Starting at $29,000 an acre.

Prescott land for sale in the Paulden, Arizona area.

This exclusive property is now available for mini ranchettes from 2-160 acres. Panoramic views from all locations of this gently sloping hillside property. Our paulden land for sale is surrounded by wide open spaces with limited fly in air strip parcels now available on a 5000ft private runway.


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